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Whitehat Spices Up VMXpo Event Contests

Whitehat Spices Up VMXpo Event Contests

August 2013

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Whitehat Spices Up VMXpo Event Contests


Whitehat’s VMXpo is a desktop, virtualization, and mobility focused technical exposition to be held on Wednesday, Sept. 4th, in Austin TX. This all-day event will be chocked full of presentations by 13 different key vendors in this space. Whitehat plans to have some fun events as well to spice things up a bit and encourage a little friendly competition.


The first event is the XenMaster contest, where technicians who work for Citrix customers can register and take part in showdown event right there at the show. Here’s how it will work. Whitehat’s technical staff will create a Citrix XenApp 6.5 server image, and then deliberately break up to five different areas within that image. The contestants will need to diagnose and repair each one, and the contestant that does this the quickest, or gets the most problems solved in the allotted time, will be crowned XenMaster for 2013, and receive a $500 VISA gift card. How cool is that. So you think you’re a pretty good Citrix technician? Prove it! Sign-up and take your best shot. The bragging rights alone are worth a fortune!

 Citrix XenMaster Contest Registration

The second contest is the Most Challenging Citrix Problem. Have a Citrix issue that’s been kicking your butt? Enter it in the contest, and if we select your issue as the nastiest of the group, Whitehat’s tech team will fix it for FREE. This can be a device that you can’t get working all the way up to a complete enterprise environment that is not working correctly, we don’t care.

 Contest - Whitehat fixes most challenging Citrix environment in Texas

The third item worth mentioning is not really a contest, but it is a special event that is unusual in a setting like this. This is the Training Bootcamp.  Ken Avram, one of Whitehat's Managing Consultants, is also a Citrix Certified instructor, and has been for the last 8 years. In addition to setting up and running the Citrix XenMaster contest, which will be very educational for those that participate in its own right, Ken will provide FREE Citrix Training in two very valuable 30 minute classes right here in Austin, TX. The classes will be:


Working with SSL Certificates

We constantly get questions on this subject, so Ken put a Citrix Training class together to explain the ins & outs of SSL Certs, which ones work well, best practices, loading them correctly on the Citrix Access Gateway and NetScaler, etc. We know you'll learn a lot in this 30 minute session. Register Here.


Citrix Troubleshooting 101

Citrix touches 11 different subsystems in your IT environment, and it is many times quite difficult to determine where the real problem is. Our experience shows that Citrix is at fault about 20% of the time. This Citrix Training session will show you the best ways to troubleshoot Citrix problems and what tools will really help you do it. Register Here.


Sound interesting? Register below and join the fun….

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