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Whitehat at the Texas Technology Summit in Houston April 17th!

April 2013

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Texas Technology Summit with Whitehat

This week we are putting the finishing touches on our presentation for the Texas Technology Summit in Houston, April 17th.

If you know anything about Whitehat, you know we are all about virtualization, particularly Citrix, with a strong bend toward making sure the end user experience is exceptional.

From our perspective, if the end user experience is inconsistent or measurably bad then end user productivity, morale, and motivation are probably sliding toward a cliff and potentially taking company revenue right along with it.

Right now, “poor end user experience” is a nebulous term with no hard edges that sounds more like whining or a saying printed on a dusty plaque in the HR department.

The reality is we have the technology to objectively quantify what a “good end user experience” is in relation to any given business.  We can baseline the end user experience in any company and demonstrate changes in employee productivity.  Where we can establish metrics for key tasks we can define the financial impact felt by the “end user experience.”

There are a lot of questions we can answer that can have an immediate impact on a business.

Does end user productivity change when using a Windows XP machine vs. a Windows 7 machine?  That answer might impact how often you do a PC refresh and which departments you do first.

Does the new version of our ERP software/core application increase or decrease our productivity over the last version?  That question might delay your upgrade or send you back to your software developer asking for the performance decreases to be fixed before you roll out your upgrade.

Are there any unnecessary delays in your environment that IT does not see, that your end users just tolerate, that are impacting productivity?  That answer might let you process more transactions, make more widgets or improve your customer service scores.

Could our teller lines move faster?  Can we get data to/from our rigs any faster to make better decisions?  Can we check out customers more quickly?  Can we close out our month end any faster?  What is the optimal capacity for our Citrix environment?  Does upgrading our servers make sense from a productivity standpoint?  Are we maximizing our VMware licensing?

Aberdeen Group research confirms our experience as well:

50% of businesses are losing revenue due to poorly performing applications.

Business performance starts to decline when mission-critical applications reach the baseline of 5.1 seconds of response time delay.

32% of surveyed businesses said they experienced damage to their brand reputation because of poor application performance.

58% of respondents said they experience lower employee satisfaction due to poor application performance.


Our presentation this year is titled “How Comprehensive IT Management Tools Can Positively Impact the Bottom Line….” if you get a chance to come see us out at the Reliant Center on April 17th.

We are excited to be sharing the stage with Saravanan Kannan, the Director of Solutions Engineering for eG Innovations, who will be demonstrating eG Innovations software, showing how we can answer some of these questions.  Saravanan will also talk about how IT departments can be proactive, finding and potentially solving issues before end users can submit a ticket.  

This presentation is geared toward both line-of-business executives and the IT team.  There should be some good nuggets for everyone.

We are looking forward to seeing you guys in Houston.  Send us an email if you would like an invitation to this event and a registration code.  Sales @ whitehatvirtual.com