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Have IT Consulting Assess the Damage Before a Bad Virtualization Deployment

IT Consulting Austin

Not Having an IT Consulting Company Assess the Damage Before a Bad Virtualization Deploymentfalse

November 2012

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IT Consulting Austin

Not Having an IT Consulting Company Assess the Damage Before a Bad Virtualization Deployment Can Really Cost your Business


"Would having an extra 415 days a year help you improve your business?" 


"Yes. Of course."


"That is how much time is being lost every year with slow logins at all your locations. 415 eight hour shifts." 


"How much will it cost to fix?"


"About four hours of time."

it consulting austin 

$40,000 in estimated payroll, before factoring in the value of any productivity gains, was being lost because no one knew the slow login problem was something that could be corrected by an IT consulting company.




Half of the Citrix/VMware environments we see have issues, and in many cases, significant issues. It really does not have to be that way.


"Half of the Citrix/VMware environments we see have issues... and it does not have to be that way"



When we were evaluating products and services we could use to try and make this problem go away, the big question in the room was "Why?"


Why do companies put up with poor performance from their virtual environments? In fairness, even bad application performance via Terminal Services, ThinApp or Presentation Server is in many cases better than the performance of the native application installed on a server.


Still, no one should tolerate a poor end user experience, random slowness, profile issues, or printing issues especially when there are IT consulting companies that can help.


To be fair, there are limitations within the technologies themselves. VMware View, Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services now, and Citrix all have unique aspects about them. While our options to correct the problems may be a bit more limited in some instances vs. another, there is no reason to accept poor, inconsistent performance.


So why don't more businesses demand the best performance?


One conclusion we reached is that they have asked for help from an IT consulting company, but a partner without the proper tools to see the correlations deep inside the environment would be limited in finding a permanent fix.


We also came to the conclusion that businesses do not want to spend money looking at something that they are not sure is really a problem. Secondarily, they do not want to "waste resources" internally in terms of time or money to a partner for what is considered a low priority, seemingly small problem. It is also possible that a fair number of companies put up with the poor performance because they do not know it can be light years better for their end users or realize that putting up with poor performance is costing them real money.


The Aberdeen Group studied application performance and came to the conclusion that of the participating companies interviewed, that 


"up to 9% of company revenue was lost due to bad application performance."




How much productive time is lost for employees working with bad virtualization deployments? Our guess is most of these companies do not know how much bad virtualization environments cost them each year. 


Application owners and executives should be able to see the problem and its impact. They should be able to see exactly how many transactions an end user can do with the present environment and how many more they can do when it is setup properly.


So how can we help businesses fix a problem that half of the virtualized community has? We clearly needed a new services offering.


We developed QuickAssess specifically to help our customers identify these problems. Our IT consulting can add end user metrics where transaction times are a factor and the exact cost of slow needs to be calculated.


Right now our IT consulting team is rolling this out as a free service for any customer with Citrix or VMware installed and delivering applications or desktops as we work the kinks out and refine it. 


Our goal with this service offering is to give every Citrix/VMware customer a good tool to gauge the health of their own environment and show them how good it should and can be functioning.


If you are an application owner, an executive or part of the IT team and you are tired of hearing complaints about Citrix/VMware performance issues or experiencing them first hand, this is a service for you that will certainly fit your budget.


Give us a call at 888.406.8719 or send us an email at sales@whitehatvirtual.com




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