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Time to Say Thanks and Earn a Few

This morning, as I walk around a quite house full of sleeping family members gathered for this day of Thanks, I amfalse

November 2012

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friend saying thanksThis morning, as I walk around a quite house full of sleeping family members gathered for this day of Thanks, I am reminded of everything I have to be thankful for.

I am also reminded of all of the faces, all of the roles they played, and all of the little tasks we have performed together to build Whitehat Virtual. 

My focus this morning, though, is on a different kind of thanks. Lately I have dedicated bits of time at random to be of service to others, unsolicited, with the sole goal of receiving as payment, the word "Thanks." 

If you are familiar with the traditional American Thanksgiving story, as I read it, there are two kinds of thanks on display. 

There is Pilgrim thanks. "Thank you, God, thank you native Americans, for helping us carve out a life in this new place, teaching us how to farm this land and be successful here."

Then there is Native American thanks. "Thank you, Pilgrims, for recognizing the effort behind what has been shared, taught, and what we have accomplished together."

This year I am focused on the service side of thanks and helping others where I can. I would ask that you take a look around for how you can earn thanks from someone, even if it goes unsaid. You get normal points for family members, double points for strangers you help anonymously.

Here are a few ideas.

Hold the door open for someone with more bags than hands this holiday season, or help them get everything to their car.
Pay for the lunch of the car behind you in the drive through.
Make a personal donation of time to the charity of your choice and go see the faces you are helping.
If you need more inspiration, you can get more ideas for how you can help others in big and little ways.

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