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Measuring the End User Experience - How IT Companies can Help

IT Companies Austin

Not Measuring the End User Experience Can Be Expensive

November 2012

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IT Companies Austin

Not Measuring the End User Experience Can Be Expensive

it companies austinWhen we began building Whitehat we all sat in front of a white board adding notes to the board as inspiration struck us as to problems that our customers were experiencing that no one was really talking about, and more importantly, that no one seemed to have an answer for.

The first one on the board for me was "no one is measuring and paying attention to the end user experience."

Looking at the pencil I was holding at the time seemed like a perfect analogy.

To make a pencil you first need the right 14 year old tree which is cut down, trimmed of branches, hauled out of the forest, loaded on a truck, taken to saw mill, cut into five centimeter slats, grooved, lead inserted, glued, shaped, painted, stamped, ferrule added, eraser added, sharpened, packaged, shipped, stocked, and sold for the sole purpose of helping an end user do something they could not do nearly as effectively without it.

However all of the effort that went into the production of the pencil and promised increase in productivity that came with the pencils purchase ends at the precise point of execution. When an end user tries to use the pencil for its intended purpose and the lead breaks, the opportunity is lost or delayed and the end user has to turn to an alternative tool to complete the task at hand.

No one in the chain of delivering that pencil to the end user has any idea what the end users actual experience was with that pencil when they put it to the test and the lead snapped.

They are not going to call support over a broken pencil, but if they did they would likely hear "this is an end user error problem, an ID-10-T error", or that "nothing is wrong with the system". Fortunately, there are IT companies that can help.

In an Aberdeen Group study, The Performance of Web Applications: Customers are Won or Lost in One Second:

"50% of companies responding said they lost revenue opportunities because of poorly performing applications."

31% found that their IT staff also lost effectiveness due to subpar application performance.

58% of respondents said they experience lower employee satisfaction due to poor application performance.

The point is the End User Experience IS the point. There is no ROI, no TCO, and no value proposition if our technology is actually limiting or preventing the end user from doing their job effectively.

By not measuring and reacting to changes in the End User Experience, companies are losing productivity, losing top line revenue opportunities AND dealing with morale issues to boot.

The End User Experience is the metric to measure. That is the SLA that matters.

When it comes to IT companies, Whitehat is not here to build virtualization environments; Whitehat is here to build Virtualization Environments People Love to Use.

To help our customers solve that one problem, we had to change the existing model and put the End User at the center of our universe. IT companies will have to do the same thing to help their businesses recover the time, revenue and energy lost when the End User Experience is bad.

We have found some meaningful ways to measure the End User Experience at every level as part of an end-to-end service model.

I am very excited to say that with some help from our vendors we have been able to build out a model that works for the 10 end-user, no IT guy organization, through to the 5000+ seat shops so everyone can have visibility into exactly what the end user is experiencing.

Being able to experience what the end user is feeling does not make the jump from "Virtualization" to "Virtualization Everyone Loves to Use," but it is a large step the right direction.

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