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Top 5 Reasons Citrix is Slow and Why IT Can’t Seem to Fix It

Val King, February 29

Quite possibly the No. 1 complaint you hear from your end users is frustration about the speed — or lack thereof —...

Top 5 Reasons Citrix is Slow

Val King, January 21



 In I50% of the Citrix environments we are called to work on, the end users are not happy. With proper care...

Hosting an EMR Package, One Challenge & 3 ways to fix it

Val King, June 16

Hosting any application, let alone a core application, or THE core application like the Electronic Medical Record...

Strategic Planning: 5 Tips to Investing IT Support Money

Val King, June 10

It seems the challenge for many of our customers is determining the best place to spend their IT dollars because...

8 Ways to Improve the End User Experience

Val King, May 29

Have you ever asked yourself “Will this new “X” technology or delivery method make our end users more productive...

Why Measuring End User Experience Matters in a VDI Environment

Val King, May 18

A couple of years ago we won a bid with a large financial services organization to assist them with building out a...

reducing IT issues gives hospital 9 Employees at Zero Payroll Increase

Val King, May 12

How much productive time, in terms of real dollars, does a hospital or healthcare system lose due to IT issues? 


14 Ways to Fix McKesson Paragon & Citrix XenApp Performance Issues

Val King, May 7

Goliath Technologies posted the following article written by Val King, CIO of Val Verde Regional Medical Center and...

Start the Journey to Improving Your End User Experience

Val King, April 23

Are you ready to pull back the curtains and "see" work through your end users' eyes?  What you learn may change...

What's the Difference Between Citrix and VDI?

Val King, April 8

Here at Whitehat we occasionally get questions related to virtualization and the technologies we work with. The...

What's the difference between Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 & Citrix XenApp 5.0

Val King, April 6

Here at Whitehat Virtual Technologies we occasionally get questions related to Citrix.  The answers to those...

Top 5 Reasons Citrix is Slow & IT Services Can't Seem to Fix it

Val King, April 2




In a full 50% of the Citrix environments we are called to work on here in Texas, the end-users are not...

16 Highlights from Citrix Synergy 2014

Val King, May 21

16 Highlights from Citrix Synergy 2014