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Should You Allow Wearable Devices in Your IT Environment?

Jessica Adams, March 26


Dell Mobility Enterprise Solutions Specialist Jason Moody spoke at Whitehat Virtual Technologies annual...

4 Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Jessica Adams, March 24

Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is the process of using a software program to secure, manage, monitor and support...

Are you Ready for the Cloud?

Jessica Adams, March 19


Whitehat’s CloudOffice is the first bundle in the market to include a full suite of cloud solutions for...

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Revolutionizing Texas Businesses

Jessica Adams, March 16

One of the most exciting developments with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the adoption of desktop as a...

Meet the Next Generation Computer - CloudOffice

Jessica Adams, March 11


Whitehat’s CloudOffice is an all-encompassing Cloud solution designed for businesses with the...

In-House Exchange vs. Hosted Exchange - CloudMail

Jessica Adams, March 9

Upgrade to Microsoft Hosted Exchange without the Cost or Hassle of Buying, Setting up, and Managing Your Own...

CloudOffice - The All-in-One Solution

Jessica Adams, March 5

CloudOffice - The All-in-One Solution


is a new approach to Business Applications and IT services.


Compliance in the Cloud

Jessica Adams, February 25

Compliance in the Cloud

Moving to the Cloud is simple with the most compliant and secure cloud solution in the...

Are you Ready for a Cloud Migration?

Jessica Adams, February 23

Are you Ready for the Cloud Migration? 

BYOD Drives Innovation For CIOs and the Business

Jessica Adams, February 16

BYOD Drives Innovation for CIOs and the Business

by increasing the number of mobile application users in the...

The 5 Myths of the Cloud

Jessica Adams, February 12

The 5 Myths of the Cloud

Disaster Recovery - What You Need to Know

Jessica Adams, February 10


The Most Innovative Virtual Desktop Environment on the Market

Jessica Adams, February 5


Whitehat’s CloudDesktop solution allows organizations to move all their applications and desktop to the cloud....