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The 5 Myths of the Cloud

The 5 Myths of the Cloud

February 2015

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The 5 Myths of the Cloud


Cloud Computing has its fair share of myths as to why it's not as "revolutionary" as everyone says. We're here to dispel those rumors and tell you why cloud computing is every bit as revolutionary as it possibly can be.

1. The Cloud is Riskier

This could not be farther from the truth. Not only does the cloud protect you from viruses and theft, it can also ensure recovery of your data. Some may assume that the word “cloud” signifies that your data and files are floating around for the world to see – again, not true. The “cloud” basically represents the Internet, which is where you have access to your data and programs when you switch to cloud computing. 

2. Cloud Computing is More Expensive

Cloud computing is known to reduce IT management costs dramatically. When you add up the cost of management, energy, hardware, software licensing, refreshes, storage space, and everything else that comes with managing your own software, you’re looking at a pricey per-year investment. Moving to the cloud makes it significantly more affordable because not only do you only have to buy a “piece of the pie” instead of the whole pie, but you also move your business model from CapEx to OpEx. 

3. You Can’t Increase Security

The majority of companies trust the cloud enough to be switching over, as providers have been zeroing in on security over the past couple of years. Our security measures include exterior security systems, security guards, digital surveillance and recording and security scanners. Our infrastructure is secured with government grade encryption software and is Geo Load Balanced and Active/Active between our data centers.

4. Cloud is Unreliable

Businesses that have a backup strategy in place, such as the cloud, prove to be more reliable than other types of infrastructure platforms. With cloud solutions, data can be backed up to multiple locations and services, providing an added level of protection. With your data stored in the cloud, you can access it from any computing device and any location. So if you can’t get to your office desktop, it’s simple to grab your tablet or laptop and continue working away. 

5. The Cloud is Just a Fad

Any organization that relies on web applications like Dropbox, Amazon, Gmail, etc. already uses and relies on cloud computing. Just as the idea of the telephone started with a wire and a dial wheel, the cloud is only beginning its evolution. Migrating to a new technology doesn’t  have to be scary and uncertain. More than half of businesses have already implemented the cloud in some way, and many of these are taking it slow. 

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The Truth About the Cloud
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