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16 Highlights from Citrix Synergy 2014

16 Highlights from Citrix Synergy 2014

May 2014

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16 Highlights from Citrix Synergy 2014


What I Learned at Synergy…

A week removed from my Citrix Synergy experience, I thought I would write out what still resonated with me after a week of being back in the fray of running a virtualization company.


  1. 5000 people showed up live and in person to Synergy in Anaheim, 5000 via Synergy TV, from 66 different countries.  Yes, I said Synergy TV.  No, really.
  2. Citrix Workspace Services is in the works with a partnership with Microsoft which is essentially a new cloud platform built on Microsoft Azure to allow Citrix apps/desktops to be delivered to any combination of public/private or hybrid clouds with integration already in place for some of the huge players, like Amazon.
  3. Citrix’s response to VMware’s formal entry into the hallowed virtual application space is: XenDesktop+XenApp+ShareFile+XenMobile+Citrix Receiver+NetScaler bundled with a discount on trade up to fully leverage the strength of their app publishing capability with the other very strong products in their lineup to create a XenSuite of App/Desktop/Mobile Virtualization delivery madness.
  4. Last year was the year for MDM (Citrix and AppSense among others) at Synergy with a healthy smattering of End User Experience monitoring players (eG Innovations, Aternity, Lakeside Software, and Extrahop, I am looking at you).
  5. This year, based on the vendors at Synergy, this was the Year of Storage with what I believe was 20 different storage vendors all making a play for how their technology improves the VDI/app delivery market in a matter that is cool, cheaper and faster than traditional storage players.  For its part, NetApp had a large booth in the middle of the floor reminding us that NetApp was still the 800lb gorilla in the mass-storage+virtualization space.
  6. While NVIDIA was at Synergy last year talking about their K1 and K2 GRID cards, this year the rest of the people at Synergy finally caught on to what they have been trying to say.  “Everyone will have a better experience if they are currently server rendering their apps or desktops with a virtual GPU than without one.”  Oh, and… “Ridiculously high-end graphics intense applications delivered via Citrix are ready for primetime.”
  7. Intel introduced the Christalwell Xeon E3 processor which incorporates an Intel Iris Pro GPU into the chip. This announcement came with a new joint partnership with HP (hypervisor-less Moonshot servers) Citrix (XenApp/XenDesktop, etc.) and Intel’s super-cool new high end graphics virtualization technology. 
  8. Is XenServer in the room? XenServer?  XenServer?  Crickets….
  9. Their will be a true migration path from 6.5 to the 7.x version of the Citrix products that will reduce the time, effort and energy required by 90% according to Citrix.
  10. Mark Templeton is having a hard time saying goodbye.  It was like watching a proud father watch his son going off to college wanting on the one hand to grab his son and give him a long hug and tell him not to go and on the other, knowing it was time for his company to go on without him.
  11. What the heck NetScaler MobileStream technology is.  Read more about it here.     
  12. There are more than 1.4 Million “business ready” desktops being delivered everyday by Citrix partners.
  13. ShareFile, Citrix’s DropBox-like file sharing application with security and AD integration baked in has moved the needle significantly for the company going from zero to 1,000,000 licenses in 18 months.
  14. There is a new Citrix receiver for ChromeBooks which is great because we spent a lot of money determining that the first version just did not work as well as advertised.  USB redirection and printing are the biggies with some audio/visual enhancements as well.  We get our sneak peek in Q3.
  15. XenMobile 9.0 will be available in June with full Windows 8.0/8.1 support. 
  16. Customers and employees alike want a great end user experience and want consumer-like simplicity and feel and Citrix is going to try to leverage their technologies to make that more of a reality.

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